Customer Assembly Instructions.
5.  Slip the hooked end of the right angle bracket over the top edge of the vehicles mirror
 and slide down until it is over the inside edge of your vehicles mirror.

6.  Press in your vehicles mirror inside edge and you will see two openings in your
 vehicles housing.
1.  Slip the Mirror shell over your vehicles mirror.

2.  Place the threaded end of the Disk Hook through the hole in the shell, with the disk end
on the inside of the shell.

3.  Place the Right Angle brackets "Hole End" over the threaded end of the Disk Hook.  
4.  Tread the Knob at least three turns onto the Disks Hooks threaded end..
7.  Continue sliding down the Hook end of the Right Angle Hook until it is over the bottom       
opening of your vehicles mirror housing. Snap the hook end of the right angle hook into
bottom opening in your vehicles mirror housing.

8.  Push the hook toward the mirror face until it snaps into the vehicles mirror housings  
bottom hole.

9.  Slid the right angle hook downward and tighten the knob.