Please follow the diagrams and instructions below for the proper mounting of your new model LVT-1300 towing mirrors.
1. Slip towing mirror (A) over your existing vehicle mirror
(B)       until it seats, taking care to match right and left
hand               mirrors.
2. Slide one of the two supplied hooks (C) thru one of the two supplied Right Angle Spacers (D) as shown.
3. Insert both (C) and (D) into the gap between the outside
of     your existing mirror and the inside of your towing
mirror,          taking care to slip the hook over the lip of your
existing            mirror as shown.
4. While steadying the towing mirror in position, insert one
of      the two supplied knobs thru the receiving hold
(F) in
the          towing mirror and onto the threaded end of the hook
(C).        Tighten this know until the towing mirror is solid and
does        not move with firm pressure.